Database Design & Management UK

Database Design & Management

We understand that many businesses usually have conventional workflows in place for data management using spreadsheets, etc. However a well-designed, fast, secure and reliable database system can offer superior advantages and versatility to your business.

Database Design

The key component and backbone of all database driven software applications is the database, and having a well-designed database structure is fundamental to having a robust and reliable software implementation.

Data Management

Data is usually regarded as one of the most valuable assets of a business, and having a comprehensive data management policy and an elaborate disaster recovery plan is vital to ensuring data security and availability.

Data Warehousing

While facilitating effective data storage and crucial business information mining, a well-designed data warehouse is an essential and indispensable element of a successful business intelligence (BI) strategy.

Database Optimisation

Inadequately optimised databases tend to become sluggish over time and prone to becoming unresponsive under heavy load conditions. Competent stress-testing and optimisation can significantly enhance performance.

Data Migration

Migrating your data from a tried-and-tested legacy system to a new uncharted software system might sound like a daunting task, however we can help you achieve a seamless migration with our experience and methodologies.

Data Cleansing

Many in-house-built software applications start their life to perform a particular function yet evolve to serve a multitude of different purposes. Data cleansing is sometimes necessary to stop old data from being a hindrance.